Rifugio Elisabetta

Rifugio Elisabetta

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  • This was my least favorite stop on the TMB mainly due to the staff's attitude. When I stayed there (Jun 2019) they were in the process of expanding the dining room capacity, so maybe it will be nicer in the future. On the plus side the dorm rooms were comfortable and I met a lot
  • 49€ per night and shower is not included ... so + another 2€. Dinner was not bad but the breakfast was just bad joke. We had only packed dry bread with marmelade and some packed muffins.
  • Amazing place. I loved it and I would stay there each and every time I go back.
  • Despite the truly stunning location (thank you Mother Nature, you are mighty as always!), I cannot recommend to stay in this refuge. Our experience with RE manager helped us to make the best decision - to turn and keep hiking (despite the fact that we had a reservation and had every intention to spend the
  • This refuge have so perfect view !!!! The dinner was great, the room was good. Even though the toilets and the breakfast are not the best this refuge worth the visit due to the incredible view !!!

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ארוחות: בוקר 06:30 – 08:00. ערב 19:00 – 21:00.

  • מצעים,
  • דורמס,
  • חדר פרטי,
  • שירותים/מקלחת משותפים,
  • שירותים/מקלחת פרטיים,
  • מקלחת בתשלום,
  • מים חמים בזמינות חלקית,
  • קליטה סלולרית חלקית,
  • ארוחות
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    זמן: 4.5 שעות

    מרחק: 15 ק"מ

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