Refuge Elena

Refuge Elena

גובה 2061 מ'

  • Unfortunately is cloed. For unknown reason . Its a shame for Courmayeur.
  • It was closed on 7.9.20. But the spot for bivouacing was great between the two rivers :)
  • Beautiful views, great for a brake, we did not stay there over night.
  • Great location and really nice facilities - one of the better refuges that we stopped by on TMB. Disappointed by the food though. Incredibly stale bread for both dinner and breakfast, and breakfast selection was quite poor (and you were not even allowed to help yourself..). Lunch bag much better! Should have had that for
  • Comfortable refuge and very well placed. The bedrooms were some of the best in our TMB. However, the food was very poor, both breakfast and dinner. Especially disappointing as this refuge is accessible by car.

כדי להגיע בתחילת עונה (15 – 20 ביוני) צריך להתקשר 10 ימים לפני כדי לוודא שפתוחים.

  • מצעים,
  • דורמס,
  • חדר פרטי,
  • WiFi,
  • ארוחות
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