Refuge des Mottets

Refuge Des Mottets

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  • My boyfriend and I had a four-person dormitory to ourselves, which was great because staying with four in such a small room wouldn't be very hygienic/responsible with the current COVID-19 pandemic. Clean rooms, nice hot shower, decent food. The only drawback is that at night, closing and opening doors makes a lot of noise.
  • This refuge was quite charming and situated in a beautiful and quiet location. We lost the trail on the way down from the Col des Fours and arrived late, but the refuge accommodated our late arrival and even saved food for us. Due to the late arrival we did not get to spend so much
  • It's an original place with good ambiance and great food
  • On the face of it this refuge is great, lovely outside seating area with good views, clean bunks and bathroom facilities. However what really let this refuge down was it’s staff. Whereas others I stayed at on my tour were very hospitable and welcoming, here I got the impression of a very commercial set up
  • I did not stay here but called in for morning tea. The setup was really good with nice outdoor tables in the sun. We had cake of the day for €4 which was delicious. I also ordered a nice coffee. The toilet block was nice and clean and had plenty of toilets available for use.

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