Refuge de la Balme


Benoît Brassoud, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

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  • Good place to stay for the night. Food was good and drinks are very reasonably priced. Very nice patio to sit on after a long day of hiking. There are a lot of people sleeping in a relatively small room but that is to be expected. Bring earplugs in case you there are snorers!
  • A very good place to stay on a lunch brake during the hike. Cheese plates which you can order there a really good
  • I had lost my back pack with all my money, credit cards and passport inside. Someone from their Refuge returned it to me. I was so devastated at the thought of losing it and when I found out someone had located and returned it with EVERYTHING inside still, I was so happy. My heart was
  • Terrible service, average food screamed at us if we had paid when leaving like we were theft so we had to remind her she is the one who actually gave us the change back. asked for info about the trek, they had no clue asked a cheese omelette, it seemed to be a burden for
  • Cash only :( But the food is amazing!

ניתן להתקשר בין 08:00 – 20:30 בעונה.

ארוחת ערב – 18:30

ארות בוקר – 07:00 – 07:30

  • מצעים,
  • דורמס,
  • חדר פרטי,
  • מקלחת בחינם,
  • מים חמים בזמינות חלקית,
  • ארוחות
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