Lacs Jovet

Lac Jovet

PieRGCC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons. edited by me

גובה 2174 מ'

  • Nice hike and beautiful alpine lake
  • Emblematic place of Contamines montjoie
  • Superb place, without major difficulties to access it in summer. In winter they deserve each other!
  • A truly beautiful place. Ideal for a picnic or a bivouac. Accessible in less than 3 hours from Notre Dame de la Gorge, without any particular difficulty.
  • 2h30 climb Severe drop at the start. 1000m of elevation gain. 2174m altitude. Superb view. 5h hike

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זמן: 4.5 שעות

מרחק: 15 ק"מ

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