Franz-Senn Hütte

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  • Great place to have a drink or a meal after the hike up to the hut (1.5 hours). Very friendly service and the food is great. Hike up is also nice, but does include crossing a large field of cows (stay away from young cows and keep dogs on line!). Nice playground in the back
  • Franz-Senn-Hutte was a very nice place to stay. I spent a night there with friends in a 'lager' - bulk sleeping rooms. They were divided into sections, which felt nice. The whole place felt a bit commercial, but that didn't take away from the experience. There were recycling bins. There were free showers, albeit without
  • A well organized and bit commercial hut. Nice staff and good food. However, the lager and half pension were a bit expensive compared to other huts. The showers were free though, which was a good plus.
  • Wonderful place and people. The best backcountry skiing in alps. I cannot recommend it more.

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